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Labor Market Integration of Refugees in Vienna – A Critical Analysis of Dual Vocational Training: Primary Research Findings

Why Dual Vocational Training (Apprenticeship training, ‘Lehre’)? Dual vocational training (DVT) is internationally recognized as a good practice in tackling youth-unemployment and in integrating vulnerable adolescents into society. “Out of around 50 refugees enrolled in higher vocational schools, only one managed to graduate”, whereas for DVT the number of successful graduates is higher (Albl (lobby. 16): January 13, 2017). DVT offers a practical orientation through learning by doing. There is a high interest from refugees in the practical orientation of DVT. DVT builds upon existing public services and programs (eg. Jugend College and Kompetenz Check). DVT enables refugees to gradually adjust to the realities of working within an Austrian company. DVT allows refugees to burst the ‘social bubble’1 in a way that potentially facilitates a smoother transition into the labor market through a multi-level learning process (personal, social, cultural, and professional).


Wien, der Soziale Wohnungsbau und die EU

VIDEO: Social housing policies differ quite strongly across member states in the European Union. Depending on the type of welfare state system there are many different approaches to the provision of social and public housing. Vienna with its long history of social housing is quite outstanding. The target group of Viennese social housing policies is very broad and favors the objective of social mixing.

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