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Wien, der Soziale Wohnungsbau und die EU

VIDEO: Social housing policies differ quite strongly across member states in the European Union. Depending on the type of welfare state system there are many different approaches to the provision of social and public housing. Vienna with its long history of social housing is quite outstanding. The target group of Viennese social housing policies is very broad and favors the objective of social mixing.


EU-Integration and Labour Relations – Austria

The recent “Brexit” referendum win as well as the rise of parties campaigning for other “exits”, can in many ways be thought of as the logical outcome of the paradoxes of the neoliberal labour relation policies that the EU has (largely) supported until now. To what extent is the direction of this discontent valid when it comes to labour relations, however? Is the EU to blame for the worsening wage share in Austria or is is simply a scapegoat?

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